Position Papers

Engaging the AAA on Boycott

Responding to the last boycott petition, and recognizing the deep concern of the membership, the AAA organized discussions on these questions and formed a Task Force on American Anthropological Association (AAA) Engagement on Israel/Palestine. After undertaking rigorous research, including 120 interviews, a trip to Israel/Palestine, significant background reading, in October 2015 the Task Force unanimously concluded that “there is a strong case for the Association to take action on this issue, and that the Association should do so.”

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Palestinian Voices

The academic boycott is in part an act of solidarity with our Palestinian colleagues whose human rights and academic freedom are routinely violated. Several Palestinian anthropologists have written about what the boycott means to them:

Read statements from our Palestinian colleagues written in the context of the last boycott campaign here.

Israeli Voices

There is a contingent of Israeli academics, including anthropologists, who have come out in support of the academic boycott. We include some of these voices below:

Middle East Specialists on the Boycott

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