Corrections to the Misinformation in the AAA Executive Board’s “Points to Consider”

* California’s anti-BDS law refers specifically to the law’s intent “to ensure that taxpayer funds are not used to do business with or otherwise support” companies boycotting Israel. California Assembly Bill No. 2844 § 1(j) (emphasis added). Arizona’s anti-BDS law is part of a section of the state’s statutory code that specifically regulates the “handling of public funds.” 35 Arizona General Statutes § 2(9). Georgia’s anti-BDS law is located in the section of the official code “relating to general authority, duties, and procedure relative to state purchasing.” HB 383 (emphasis added). Michigan’s anti-BDS law is part of a law governing the state department of management and budget in its procurement contracting. See MCL 18.1261.
** In each of these states, templates for public contracts contain anti-BDS provisions while contracts for rental of public facilities do not. For California, compare Facility Rental Forms with Local Agreement for Child Development Services - California State Preschool Program (CSPP). For Arizona, compare Compare University of Arizona Facilities Use Agreement with University of Arizona - Standard Form Agreement Between Owner and Design Professional (Annual Request for Qualifications Edition) January 1, 2017 Edition. For Georgia, compare GPTC Conference Centers Facility Rental Agreement with Georgia College, RE: Letter to Contractors/Vendors Regarding Georgia College Contract Requirements, June 29, 2021. For Michigan, compare Facility Use Agreement with State of Michigan Standard Contract Terms.